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32. Haven (Season 1)

Title:        Haven (Season 1)
Year:        2010
Genre:      Supernatural Thriller

Type:        Television Series       
Run Time: 60 min Episodes

Theatrical MPAA Rating: R-Rated

Cast: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour

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FBI Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) travels to Haven, Maine to investigate the murder of a local ex-con, but soon discovers that the small town is a refuge for people with supernatural afflictions. Now, it’s up to her to unlock Haven’s mysterious secrets, including the hidden truth about her past.

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Personal Thoughts

Well what can I say, I guess I'm a sucker for Stephen King ... a sucker for small towns ... a sucker for small towns with strange, unexplained, x-files like occurrences. Yes, it would appear as though I have a soft spot for the supernatural ... supernatural movies and supernatural television series, and Haven, like most of my other past favorites, definitely fits the bill. Haven (set in a cozy little town in Maine) is one "messed up" place, with enough strange/unexplained/paranormal activity to last a lifetime (definitely would have been the right place for agents Mulder and Scully).

Haven is an original supernatural-style television series (The X-files meets Silent Hill meets Twin Peaks) loosely based on the Stephen King Novella, The Colorado Kid. There's really not much that can be elaborated on without the risk of spoiling things for those who may not have seen the show. What I can say is that the show took me on a supernatural thrill ride ... one that kept me interested, curious and entertained from the beginning, all the way up to the final scene of the season finale (and I mean that literally).    Although I've seen quite a few shows over the years in its likeness, oddly enough, Haven still manages to hit a nerve, or a sweet spot if you will ... and despite its blatant similarities to shows such as the X-files, something still feels fresh and new.  The episodes are great, the writing is good, the acting is solid ... and the chemistry between actors is believable! In my opinion, there's many things to like about the show. It also manages to deliver the mystery and suspense of the X-Files, while avoiding all of the complicated scientific geek talk and big words, keeping it simple and easy to follow for those who love mystery, but get confused when a show gets overly sophisticated!

Overall, I was really pleased with the first season of this show and am looking forward to seeing season 2 ... it's a must see for people who are a fan of shows like The X-Files, The Dead Zone and Supernatural, which is why I'm making it my 2nd television series recommendation!

Television Series Recommendation 2 - Overall Recommendation Number 30

Haven can be seen on the SyFy Network (Friday Nights 10:00 PM EST) 

What I liked:

- The Writing/Storyline
- The Town - The lead characters
- The unexplained phenomena/occurrences 
- The chemistry between actors
- The Ending

What I didn't like:

- Some can argue that it's in the vain of something that's already been done
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Haven Wikipedia The Colorado Kid Wikipedia 
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I watch horror movies since I was a teenager and I switched from non-visible horror like >> The Haunting of Hill House to other supernatural movies to the classic slashers to 90s teen horror - to Asian horror and I am still very open to movies, I had never watched before...

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