I started TOO SCARY TO WATCH in January of 2011 under the alias "Mothman", named after one of my favorite movies (The Mothman Prophecies). To put it simple, I created this blog simply because I love horror movies and thought it would be a fun thing to do.

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I am a huge movie fan -- going to movies, renting movies, buying movies, streaming movies, discussing movies, you name it -- if it’s movie related then chances are, I’m a fan. I love all kinds of movies which includes action, drama, sci-fi, horror, and even a nice romantic comedy. But over the past decade or so (probably since 1999, around the time of The Sixth Sense and the Silent Hill video game) I’ve especially developed a love for the supernatural thriller genre  (though i've always loved horror movies in general).
The Ring, released in 2002 (which I can’t believe is almost 10 years ago now) was a defining moment in my scary movie watching career because it marked the point in which I "completely" became obsessed with the supernatural thriller genre.  In many ways, The Ring became the measuring stick in which to weigh all other movies against in my quest to find other movies of its kind.

So, I set off on a journey -- a movie mission if you will, to find movies out there that were eerie, creepy and suspenseful with a supernatural/psychological edge, without having some the sex, gore and vulgarity commonly found in the horror genre. I wanted the thrills and chills without all of the gore and whores, if you know what I mean.

** SPECIAL NOTE ** I don't dislike every horror movie that has excessive amounts of gore, vulgarity and nudity (I actually really love 80's slashers). There are circumstances where I will allow myself to sit through a bit of this because of the fact that there are some really good, scary movies out there that contain a certain degree of inappropriate content, sometimes, a whole lot of it. However, in most cases, I find myself turned off by some of the blatant “over use” of sex, gore and vulgarity seen in horror movies which often times, in my opinion, destroys the film.

During some of my exhausted google searches, I’ve stumbled upon quite a few really well thought out “Horror” movie blogs/sites dedicated to scary movies (I remember saying to myself, wow these bloggers are really creative), but I still had an interest in creating a blog more specific to the type of “scary movies” I, and others like myself are interested in, which led me to create this blog.

So What is Horror?

The definition of Horror can be a touchy subject for some, because not everyone will agree on what "true horror" really is. Most horror fans that I know (I’m talking about the authentic, serious, hardcore ones) don’t really consider some of the supernatural thrillers/psychological thrillers that I’m fond of to be “Real” horror movies. They tend to favor slashers, torture and zombie type movies. So as a precaution and warning to some of you reading along; if sex, blood, guts and gore is what you’re looking for, then I must stop and warn you now that this particular blog may not be the right blog for you (though I do plan to discuss movies containing some of that stuff here). 

Although my primary area of focus will be supernatural/psychological horror, I’ll also be covering some of the other kinds of scary movies as well, considering the fact that there are plenty of chilling, creepy and suspenseful movies out there that fall outside the category of supernatural thriller.

Examples: A movie like Se7en which I thought was a great crime thriller/serial killer movie, and Vacancy which I thought was a pretty disturbing breakdown/backwoods horror type movie which made you uneasy and kept you on the edge of your seat without going overboard with blood-guts and gore.

... So For the sake of clarity, I’ll create a Too Scary 2 Watch "Scary Movie Genre Glossary Index" in the days to come, which should serve as a guide to help interpret what I mean when I call a movie a slasher, psychological thriller or a supernatural thriller.

Thanks and Enjoy!

The Mothman