Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Navigating The Blog

What You Should Know About This Blog:

There are two important elements to take into consideration when browsing this blog.

1. The Recommendations 
2. The Posts

Although recommendations are posts (anything you publish on a blog will either be a post or a page), here we are choosing to make a distinction between the two.

Recommendations: -  Are movie, TV-Series and/or video game posts that include ratings, trailers synopsis, reviews, poster art and more. (presented in a profile-like fashion)

Posts: -  Are all of the other posts that are not movie recommendations. (Posts may contain information about movies, but they are not movie recommendations) There are two types of posts, About Posts and Topic Posts.

About Posts: - Are posts about the blog (i.e welcome, contact, my profile, introduction) and can be found in the "About This Blog" sidebar menu. The page tabs near the top of the blog also contain important "About" information (they're basically just another way to get to/access some of the about posts)

Topic Posts: - Are your standard blog posts.


In the blogs sidebar menu, you'll find links for:

1. Recommendation Archive (Complete Recommendation List) 
2. Most Recent Recommendation (Latest Recommendation) 
3. Post Archive (Complete Post List - Oldest to Newest) 
4. Most Recent Post (Latest Post)

SPECIAL NOTE*** The Post Archive will not contain any "About" posts. I've dedicated a special area for those type of posts in the "About This Blog" tab that can also be found in the sidebar menu. The Post Archive is for Topic Posts only!

The Welcome Page will include a link to the most recent recommendation, as well as a link to the most recent post. (Topic Post)

Also included, for your convenience, are drop down menus, which will allow you to quickly jump to any given post or recommendation at given point in time. These can also be found in the sidebar menu. I think everything else is pretty much self explanatory.

Please refer back to this post, should you find yourself lost or confused during the navigation process.


The Mothman


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