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2. Case 39

Title:        Case 39
Year:         2010
Genre:      Supernatural Thriller

Type:        A-Movie
Run Time: 109

          Ian McShane
Director: Christian Alvart

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Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger stars in this terrifying supernatural thriller about a social worker who has been assigned the unusual and disturbing case of Lillith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland) ... a girl with a strange and mysterious past. When Emily (Zellweger) opens her house in attempt to help Lillith, it turns into a deadly nightmare she may not survive. Co-starring Bradley Cooper (The Hangover), Case 39 is a heart-stopping chiller with startling surprises that lead to a shocking and sinister ending.

Alternative Synopsis
Personal Thoughts

My initial thoughts, when sitting in the theater watching this movie were ... "how can this little girl (Jodelle Ferland) look about the same in Case 39 (2010) as she did in Silent Hill (2006)", which of course, prompted me to do some research when I got home. I found it bizarre that the movie was filmed in 2006 (which explains why she still looked so young), initially scheduled for an American release in 2008, but wasn't actually released, until two years later in October of 2010.

In any event, Case 39 is a 2009/2010 american supernatural horror thriller, directed by Christian Alvart, starring Renée Zellweger, Bradley Cooper, and Jodelle Ferland.

The Plot: To rescue 10-year-old Lilith Sullivan from her abusive parents, idealistic social worker Emily Jenkins welcomes the girl into her home -- only to discover that Lilith isn't quite the innocent victim she claims to be. - Netflix

Sometimes, the innocent looking ones are the worst of them all!

Sometimes there's nothing like a well written, well acted, beautifully shot, adult themed supernatural thriller. I happen to enjoy these types of films, perhaps more so then the average person. Movies like Case 39 make you think twice about adopting a child (she's so adorable ... oh by the way, she's the devil). On that note, this movie kind of reminds me of a cross between The Omen, The Good Son, and The Ring (Lillith kind of has that whole Samara thing going on ... making you see things you don't wanna see).

Zellweger in my opinion, does a good job portraying a genuinely kind and caring social working, while Jodelle does an exceptional job pulling off the innocent looking, but creepy and evil child role that she's kind of made a career out of.

With that said, I thought some of the acting was pretty solid.

One thing I really liked about this movie was that it didn't attempt to fill in all of the blanks and provide detailed answers for all of the how and why questions. In my opinion, some things are better left unexplained. I also liked (contrary to other reviewers) how the film avoided morphing into a religious horror thriller (exorcisms, churches, crosses and things of that nature) after it became clear what the problem was, which in my opinion, separates it from other movies of it's kind.

Is Case 39 Scary?

Well, a couple friends that were with me when I watched it for the first time found Case 39 to be very disturbing, but I myself wasn't too frightened by it, though I will admit it does have its share of frightening moments. Everyone's different, so if these type of movies typically scare you, then this one probably will also.

In closing, only so much can be said without giving the movie away (maybe the synopsis does that already). Overall, I enjoyed Case 39, and that's not to say it doesn't have holes. Like most other movies out there, it can be picked apart because it's definitely not perfect. However, in spite of its flaws, the movie was entertaining, eerie, creepy and suspenseful ... a combination that bodes well for a guy like me, which is why I've chosen to make it my second movie recommendation. It's a suitable choice if you're looking for something scary to watch on a dark cozy night.

 What I liked:

- The Acting
- The Atmosphere and Ambience
- The Creepiness (being in that house alone with that girl is a frightening thought)

What I didn't like:

- The movie left some unanswered questions surrounding the girl (Well, I guess the girl was evil, not sure what else I needed to know)
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