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29. Paranormal Activity 3

Title:        Paranormal Activity 3
Year:        2011
Genre:      Supernatural Thriller

Type:        A-Movie
Run Time: 85

Theatrical MPAA Rating: R-Rated

Cast: Christopher Nicholas Smith, Lauren Bittner, Chloe Csengery, Jessica Tyler Brown



A malign and murderous spirit continues to dwell within a San Diego home in this second creepy sequel to 2007's chilling Paranormal Activity. Hoping to catch photo evidence of Bloody Mary, the residents soon become victims in their own horror film.

Alternative Synopsis
Personal Thoughts

With Halloween right around the corner, scary movie talk in the air, and Paranormal Activity 3 breaking records at the box office, I didn't have much difficulty deciding to make it the topic of choice in this post ... and when you also consider the fact that I just recently covered PA1 and PA2 ... it makes PA3 the perfect film for movie recommendation number 26.

I've decided once again to let my wife tackle this one (as with Paranormal Activity 2) ... So without further ado;

I wanted to start things off by saying, I found it interesting how the movie (SPOILER) either changed, or left out a lot of the creepy parts seen in the official trailer(s) ... I saw 4 different trailers, all consisting of a lot of things not found in the actual movie.

Initially, I was extremely happy that they were going to make a prequel explaining the origins of why this demon/spirit was so personally attached to Katie and Kristi ... I was curious to know what started it all!

When I saw the trailer (which scared the crap out of me by the way) I was interested in how the film seemed as though it would use the Bloody Mary game as the reason for why these paranormal events began. I said to myself, that's cool, a majority of kids have heard and/or have played the Bloody Mary game (as I had as a kid) ... taking the movie/series in this direction may not be a bad thing ... but I also questioned how it would possibly tie into the back story already presented in PA2. Nevertheless, the synopsis presented above (taken from Netflix) and the storyline presented in the actual movie are totally different.

Moving along, I always like going to the theater to see scary movies with a full crew! With scary movies, I love being there when it's packed because I know folks will be screaming, yelling at the screen or hollering! It makes the experience that much better. My game plan was, "I don't care where I sit just as long as it is next to the hubby so he can protect me" and that is exactly how it played itself out. 

Overall, I think the movie was good ... it definitely has its creepy, scary moments (I hope this series takes over the once a year, Halloween scary movie thing Saw had going on). There were parts that had me excited and then there were parts that had me terrified. In this movie, we saw the demon/spirit/ghost (whatever you wanna call it) come into physical contact with nearly everyone. This is the kind of contact that would have scared the crap out of me, perhaps resulting in me being locked in a crazy house.

As a fan of the series, I'll say that I definitely enjoyed this movie (it did for me what I was hoping it would) however (in light of where the storyline appears to be headed) if they make too many wild changes/additions and stray to far from the plot of the original story, I may just end up losing interest altogether.

Movie Recommendation 26 - Overall Recommendation Number 29

What I liked:

- The Scary Scenes
- The fact that It provided more of the back story
- The ending- How the film did a good job making me feel like I was apart of the experience

What I didn't like:

- The film can tend to be monotonous at times 
- The film didn't include many of the good/scary scenes from the trailers 
- The films story kind of went into a direction different than that which was presented in some of the trailers
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