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27. Paranormal Activity

Title:        Paranormal Activity
Year:        2009
Genre:      Supernatural Thriller

Type:        A-Movie
Run Time: 99

Director: Oren Peli  

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When Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) fear their San Diego, California, home may be haunted by a demonic presence, Micah sets up a video camera to document all the jaw-dropping, hair-raising action over a series of several nights in fall 2006. The paranormal occurrences increase in frequency and significance, leaving Katie more and more distraught -- and determined to put an end to the terror.

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Personal Thoughts

You either love it or you hate it! Much like the Blair Witch Project a decade earlier, this movie appears to have very little middle ground, and though many seem to lean more towards the negative with this film, I found myself swayed more towards the positive.

Plain and simple; I really enjoyed this film. It made me think, it made me experience, and it made me react, something most traditional scary movies (through the blatant use of masks, CGI and other various effects) often fail to do.  

The plot: Katie believes there may be an evil presence (ghost or demon) in their southern California home. Micah (her cavalier boyfriend) sets up a video camera in attempts to prove or disprove the validity of these claims, only to the discover that there are indeed some strange and bizarre occurrences going on that defy logic and explanation. The movie is presented in a found footage/mockumentary style format.

"Paranormal Activity is too slow, it takes too long for "real" scary stuff to start happening ... Paranormal Activity isn't scary because it doesn't really show anything, wow a door moved, that's not scary" ... are some of the negative things I typically hear when discussing this movie, and that's fine considering the fact that people are different! This movie OBVIOUSLY (just like every other scary movie) will not scare everybody nor will it be entertaining to everybody, but for those who can appreciate the type of film that Paranormal Activity is, for those who are a bit more disturbed by things that feel a little more real and authentic (this movie felt like something we could have shot and experienced ourselves) then Paranormal Activity just may scare the socks off of you, and leave you talking about it days after experiencing it.

I enjoyed it because this movie in my opinion, did a good job of forcing me to experience the emotions of being isolated, alone, afraid, helpless and haunted, while offering up very little explanation as to way these things were happening, leaving my imagination to run wild and fill in the gaps (and I've always had a pretty vivid imagination)! 

In Closing: Although Paranormal Activity kept me spooked, entertained and interested up to the very end, I understand that it won't be for everyone. Some will love it, and others will find it boring. Nevertheless, if you haven't seen it yet and you're a fan of creepy ghost movies, then checking it out may be worth your while. It may not be a bad idea to watch it at least once, (save it for a dark, cold scary night) because in so doing, you just may end up getting more than you bargained for, which is why I'm making this my 24th movie recommendation (27rd overall recommendation). 

What I liked:

- The Characters
- The Concept 
- The ending
- How the creators of the film were able to make a story (keeping me interested) out of really nothing (which was in many ways more effective than big budget horror films) 
- How the film did a good job making me feel like I was apart of the experience

What I didn't like:

- The film can tend to be monotonous at times 
- may not show enough for the true horror film
- May have a pacing too slow for the average horror fan
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