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15. Stir of Echoes

Title:        Stir of Echoes
Year:        1999
Genre:      Supernatural Thriller
Type:        A-Movie
Run Time: 94



Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) is a blue-collar worker, a family man, the most ordinary guy in the world...who is about to be plunged into a shattering encounter with another world. And it doesn't matter that Tom doesn't believe in the supernatural. Because something supernatural has started to believe in Tom. After he is hypnotized at a neighborhood party, Tom changes. He sees things he can't explain and hears voices he can't ignore. As the horrific visions intensfy, Tom realizes they are pieces of a puzzle, echoes of a crime calling out to be solved. But when his other-worldly nightmares begin coming true, Tom wants out. He desperately tries to rid himself of his eerie, unwanted powers - only to be seized by an irresistible compulsion to dig deeper and deeper into the mystery that is consuming his life. When at last he unearths the truth, it will draw him into the long-buried secret of a ghastly crime, a vengeful spirit...and the lethal price of laying that spirit to rest.

Alternative Synopsis
Personal Thoughts

“Stir of Echoes" was one of the late 90's ghost movies that started it all for me (along with the Sixth Sense), and has since, gone on to become one of my personal favorites of the Supernatural Thriller genre. 

The Plot: Up until now, Tom Witzky has lived as a skeptic in things Supernatural. But late one evening, after allowing himself to be hypnotized at a neighborhood party, his life is forever changed when his mind becomes opened to things beyond the realm of his own understanding.

I loved Stir of Echoes the first time I saw it back in 1999, and that love still remains today. It's one of those movies that I can watch over and over without get sick of.

The movie had a good plot, a good cast, good acting, and a nice premise. It started good, it finished strong, and it also had a nice moody atmosphere accompanied by a creepy/ghostly undertone ... what more could I ask for!

These kind of movies really aren't scary to me, but they do have their parts (things in the mirror or behind a door) that can make a person jump, which my wife will attest to! My wife's pretty good at anticipating when these moments are about to happen. I'll look at her during certain points of the movie, and she'll already partially have her eyes covered, saying, "something's about to happen!" 9 out of 10 times, she's right ... and she was dead on when we watched this together for the first time several years back.

This movie's dark, eerie, creepy, and suspenseful, with good acting and a good plot. (my personal recipe for success), which is why I'm making it my 15th recommendation. It's a good one to watch if you missed it, haven't seen it in a while, or if you're stuck in the house on a cold, rainy day, with nothing better to do.

What I liked:

- The ghostly undertones
- The mood, atmosphere and setting
- The Acting
- The Skeptic made a believer
- The visuals of the Ghost
- The Plot

What I didn't like:

- There was quite a few curse words and F-Bombs in there
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