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8. Joy Ride

Title:        Joy Ride
Year:        2001
Genre:      Psychological Thriller
Type:        A-Movie
Run Time: 97

Director: John Dahl

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It's all fun and games when two brothers (Paul Walker and Steve Zahn) take off cross-country to bring home a pretty college friend (Leelee Sobieski). But the jokes end when a prank backfires and they find themselves stalked by a vengeful trucker who won't give up his relentless chase until somebody pays with their life.

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Personal Thoughts

Joy Ride (also known as Roadkill) is a 2001 american psychological thriller, directed by John Dahl, Starring Paul Walker, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski. 

We all have movies that we like, but know we can't justify calling good. Usually someone will ask, "is it good", and my response will be, "not particularly, but for some reason I liked it. Well Joy Ride for me is one of those movies. It isn't great, it isn't perfect, but it was fun and entertaining, which is why I ended up liking it more than I probably should have (call me crazy). 

"Candy Cane ... I need to find Candy Cane" -- you'll probably have this stuck in your head for a few days after watching this movie.

I like a good prank just as much as the next guy, but sometimes you gotta listen to that inner voice -- you know, the one that tells you when you're going too far. In a nutshell, Joy Ride is a lesson on what can go terribly wrong when you agitate and mess with the wrong person (in this case, a deranged psychopath over a CB Radio). My momma always said be careful who you mess with cause you just may be messin' with someone crazy, which ended up being the case in this movie! 

The Good: Joy Ride was interesting, Joy Ride was unpredictable (at least to a certain degree), Joy Ride was intense, and it moved at a pretty decent pace. Not a bad combination if you ask me. The premise was great, the acting was solid, and the movie was well shot. The films antagonist, Rusty Nail, had a voice that was almost as creepy as his appearance, which is saying a lot (choosing to use Ted Levine as the voice of Rusty Nail was a good decision). 

The Bad: Although I enjoyed this movie, I wasn't particularly fond of the last 15 minutes or so. I just felt the ending could have been stronger. With that said, I still believe it's a film worth watching, if you're into scary movies that don't go overboard with blood, guts and gore.

Is Joy Ride Scary?

Most people probably won't think so, but there was definitely something very unsettling about that truck (and truck driver). The movie may not be real scary, but the situation sure as heck isn't pleasant.

Despite all of its glaring flaws, I still found myself liking Joy Ride anyways. It's a good movie to watch with a friend (it's one of those movies that can lead to some very interesting conversation). The movie may not be worthy of any academy awards, but it definitely wasn't horrible, and if you give it a chance, you may find it to be enjoyable (wow that rhymes). So you should check it out if you haven't seen it. My wife says, if you're a girl, it's worth checkin' out because Paul Walker's in it!

 What I liked:

- The whole CB Radio prank ... (you pranked the wrong person and now you must pay)
- Rusty Nail's voice
- Something that I can't quite put a finger on

What I didn't like:

- Some parts seemed overly unrealistic  
 - The ending (last 20 minutes or so)
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