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Too Scary To Watch (aka Too Scary 2 Watch) was founded in January of 2011. It is a blog dedicated to the subject matter of horror (scary movies, television series and video games). And while it targets the horror genre as a whole, it places heavy emphasis on supernatural horror thrillers, (i.e The Ring, Mirrors, and Stir of Echoes). The overall objective was to create a blog for those like myself, who love things dark and creepy, but don't necessarily want things bloody, gory and overly demonic. So initially, it was intended to be a blog for "Softcore Horror".

Mothman is also the author of the "Diary of a Horror Fan", horror movie journal blog (which is currently not being updated). 
A Bit More Personal
I love scary movies, scary television-shows, and scary video games. With a love for scary movies that spans nearly 30 years, I decided to create a blog dedicated to the subject.

Though I love scary movies, have watched a ton of scary movies, have a lot of knowledge about scary movies, and consider myself a lover of things dark and creepy, I don't necessary consider myself a true horror fan, in light of some of the other passionate horror fanatics out there, you may find yourself coming across. Most of the so called, "True Horror Fans" I know personally, seem to be experts on splatter horror, gothic horror, torture porn, zombie movies, and cult classics such as The Evil Dead (flicks with fangs, blood, guts, and gore) ... which is cool. Quite a few of these films are staple movies of the genre, and I definitely like some of them as well. However, I view myself as having more of a love for supernatural thrillers in the likeness of The Ring, The Sixth Sense, What Lies Beneath, Mothman Prophecies, Mirrors etc. I also enjoy serial killer movies (Se7en) and breakdown movies (Wrong Turn).

When I started this journey, I sought out to make a blog that would be more centered around softcore horror (for the in between horror fan), meant to accommodate those like myself, who love things dark and spooky but not necessarily bloody and gory.

My goal now, is to make recommendations, take recommendations and watch as many creepy movies as possible, while sharing the experience with others who wanna come along for the ride! 

"Too Scary to Watch" will be the blog where I recommend the movies I like.
"Diary of a Horror Fan" (when I find the time to resume it) will be the blog where I document every scary movie I see (good or bad)!

Supernatural Thrillers, Ghost Movies, Breakdown Movies, Psychological Thrillers, Scary Drama Style Television Series, Survival Horror Video Games.
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Why the Blog?
Navigating the Blog
The Mission
What is Horror?

Favorite Scary Movie Genre: - Supernatural Horror Thrillers

Favorite Scary Movie: - The Ring (2002)

Favorite Scary Television Series: - The X-Files (1993-2002)

Favorite Scary Video Game:- Silent Hill Series (1999-2012)

The Mothman

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