Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why the Blog?

 Why I created this Blog?

I love watching creepy movies, (I’ve especially developed a soft spot for Supernatural Thrillers)
I love discussing creepy movies
I love recommending creepy movies to other people who also love creepy movies
I love taking recommendations from other people who love creepy movies
I love creating horror movie lists
I love conversing with other people who love creepy movies
I love creepy video games (I’m not a creep though, honestly)

My definition of Creepy: - Chilling, Daunting, Disturbing, Eerie, Frightening, Ghostly, Paranormal, Spooky

What's not my definition of Creepy: - The "Overuse" of vulgarity, blood, guts and gore ... usually accompanied by strong inappropriate adult content

The purpose of this Blog:

To connect with others who love and adore these same types of movies
To recommend titles to others looking for a good creepy movie to watch
To find other movies out there fitting the above criteria, that may have flown under the radar
To breakdown, discuss, review and/or evaluate as many of these types of movies as possible
Most importantly, To have fun!

The Mothman


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I too find myself annoyed by the "remakes" of 70's/80's Classics like Halloween and Friday the 13th that think they NEED to put in sexual scenes that were not in the original to get their point across.

All in all those movies do not scare me one bit cause I already know what the premise of the story is and let's face it..if you stick in Haddonfield or go to Camp Crystal Lake your dead. Well in Jason's case he went to Manhatten as well as Space but we all know how those movies did.

I am more scared of Paranormal Activity type movies. Things I can't see or things that are happening while I am asleep freak me out and scare me that's how I know I am getting my money's worth but I love the adrenaline rush it comes with. I don't know how many times I have clawed up my husband from being scared of PA 1 & 2 as well as when Samara comes out of the TV in The Ring..

Anyway great blog idea and I can't wait to read more!

Unknown said...

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