Friday, January 7, 2000

Supernatural Thriller


Supernatural Thriller: - Although the term "supernatural horror" can refer to many different things (ghost, Angels, vampires, demons ... etc) here, I'm choosing to define supernatural thrillers as being, movies involving ghostly content and/or unexplained paranormal phenomena (i.e; The Sixth Sense 1999, Stir of Echoes 1999, The Ring 2002, The Grudge 2004). 

** we're excluding religious supernatural content and the occult because we've given them categories of their own **

These movies tend to build tension and suspense at a slower pace, relying heavily on jump scare tactics. The supernatural thriller genre may also contain some possession (i.e Paranormal Activity) ... though I'm choosing to place strong demonic "religious" possession (typically accompanied by a Christian exorcism) in the "Religious Horror" category.