Wednesday, January 5, 2011


When I initially created Too Scary To Watch, I (like many others) found myself bombarded with thoughts of where to take the blog. Most people who start horror movie blogs, do so because they love scary movies and have an interest in talking about scary movies. The internet probably has over 200,000 people doing this very same thing -- creating blogs for the purpose of discussing and reviewing horror movies. So, already aware of the fact that the market is saturated, my goal was just to do what I do and have fun doing it!

So as I began setting things up, I started to ponder the question, what do I really want Too Scary To Watch to be about? This particular question crippled me for several weeks. Finally, after days upon days of exhausted brainstorming, I said to myself, I want to review and recommend horror movies to those looking for good movies to watch (to people out there who like the same types of scary movies I do). My objective wouldn't be to review and recommend everything, but rather to review and recommend only the movies (television shows and/or video games) that I personally enjoyed, and feel are worth suggesting to others. I also had an interest in creating and posting horror movie lists (for example, The Best Horror Movies of the 2000's) to further assist people in their quest to find good horror movies to watch (including movies you've forgotten, missed, or haven't seen in a while).

This led me to start asking myself things like, what do people really wanna know when they're considering watching a movie they haven't seen? I thought about this for a day or two. When I tell a person (friend or family) that I've just seen a new scary movie, they typically respond in one (if not all) of four ways, "was it good, was it scary, did you like it, and what movie(s) did it remind you of?" With that in mind, I got a revelation, and decided to make this the underlining theme of my blog.

For my blog, I'll watch a few scary movies a week (will probably have to start off with just one a week until the ball and chain gets rolling and I have a little more time on my hands) and make detailed recommendations accommodating those looking for a good scary movie to watch. Each movie recommendation will include a three part grading system; a grade for how good I believe it was, a grade for how scary I believe it was, and a grade for how much I liked it ... three separate grades. (Let's face it, we've all seen a movie that we couldn't quite call good, but there was something about it that made us like it more than we probably should have ... we've also seen movies that we know should be considered good, but for whatever reason, we didn't like it ... hence the separate grading system!)

Grading System Link

Also included, will be a suggested film that I believe the recommended movie is similar to (if you like that movie, you'll also like this movie, sort of thing) I'll also provide a movie poster, trailer, IMDB link, and synopsis for your convenience. To top things off, for each movie, I will do my best to provide a short "one paragraph or so" write up containing my personal thoughts, along with a link to one of the well written reviews that already exist out there on the internet.

Well, that's really the goal of this blog.

If you wish to recommend a movie to me, please do so in the "Make a Recommendation" post, or drop it in my personal drop box (aka email)

Thanks and Enjoy!

The Mothman