Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shark Horror Movies "So Bad" It's Scary

One genre of horror films that doesn't tend to get much attention is the Killer Animals category. While the classic Jaws gives shark attack films a solid template, there are tons of virtually unknown shark attack films that don't quite live up to their predecessor's reputation. Most of these are low-budget or made for TV movies so implausible they are actually laughable. Add poorly constructed robot sea creatures and buckets of candy-apple red fake blood and you have a recipe for a movie that induces far more snickers than screams.

Still, these films should definitely hold a place in our hearts and our movie collections. While they may not be truly frightening, these "so bad it's scary" flicks are always good to pull out for a rainy day. And they're all very easy to access, since they play on TV constantly!

Here are my top three favorite shark horror movies:


1. Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

This straight to DVD movie from 2009 has a funny claim to fame; it was named "Least Likely to Happen" on the Top Ten Best and Worst Movies Ever list. Given this film's outlandish plot, that superlative is pretty spot on. MegaShark Versus Giant Octopus depicts the culmination of a centuries-old battle between a megalodon and giant octopus. The dueling duo was frozen in time back in the Ice Age, and are revived in present day when global warming causes the host glacier to thaw completely. The epic combat takes them to the warmer waters of the California coastline where they fight to the death, causing plenty of human carnage along the way.


2010's Dinoshark also follows the global warming concept.  A baby dinoshark swims away from a chunk of partially melted Arctic glacier ice and swims to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The full grown dinoshark attacks countless tourists and locals in typical overly-bloody fashion. This movie was actually made as a pseudo-sequel to the 2004 horror film Dinocroc. You may be curious, what exactly is a dinoshark or a dinocroc? The only way to find out is to watch!  Tune in to the SyFy channel on cable tv to catch a rerun.


Malibu Shark Attack is a horror flick which combines the Killer Animal and Teen Scream genres. The movie follows a group of hunky teenage lifeguards working at a Malibu beach when a tsunami floods the whole town. Unfortunately for the teen heartthrobs, the earthquake which triggered the giant wave also let loose a pack of prehistoric sharks that attack the half-submerged guard house and go on a killing spree. In addition to awesomely fake computer-image sharks and some cheesy yet gruesome shots of floating body parts, this movie's entertainment value is also upped by the hilariously bad dialogue. The movie trailer is proof enough that this Baywatch meets Jaws saga is deserving of So Bad It's Scary status.


Author: Eddie Shackleford is a writer for Direct4tv and loves to blog about horror and paranormal movies. 

You can follow Eddie @eddie20ford.

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