Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Teen Terror

Teen Terror: - These Are movies, centered around a group of teens being killed off one by one. These films tend to make everyone a suspect, leaving us with the unsettling feeling that any of the characters introduced, (that hasn't already been killed off) may very well be the perp. The killers "true" identity is usually not unveiled until the end of the movie ...  and when the killer is finally revealed, there's usually (but not always) a well thought out, long drawn out explanation as to why he or she is doing the killing. Although some of these movies could be considered "Slashers", I've chosen to keep them separate. Most Teen Terrors have a "who done it" element to them (everyone's a suspect) while the typical Slasher tends to be more centered around a completely anonymous murderer, or a psychopath the audience already knows the identity of.

Movie Example: - Scream (1996)

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